Abhishek Bachchan's Stunt Has Gone Silent All Of A Sudden

News about a diving champion who claimed to have performed Abhishek Bachchan's death-defying stunt in Raavan, has gone silent all of a sudden. The diver, MS Balram, in an interviwe, said that the much talked about stunt, where Abhishek was seen diving off an 80-ft high cliff, was actually done by him.

Balram says, "I was a part of a team of professional divers hired by the crew of Raavan. I'm not saying a word about Abhishek."

This sudden change in his statement makes one wonder if the entire issue was a publicity gimmick. Balram defends, "I am a diving instructor and I am having trouble focussing on my classes since the past four days. I'm not objecting now. I wish the film's team well."

Right or wrong?

While the Bachchans, both Amitabh and Abhishek, haven't spoken about the matter, debates are raging all over the blogosphere about who's telling the truth.

While some say Abhishek wrongfully took credit for the stunt, others ask why Balram chose to stay silent for six months and decided to speak only a day after the movie's release.

"People, read Abhi's original interview - he clearly said there was a special diver, but he also tried the stunt because he was excited about it!" SnehM blogs. "If Abhishek's taken that poor man's credit, it's unethical," Guro12 tweeted. "I wonder if this stuntman was paid earlier to make the allegations or has now been paid to shut up," asks Bachchanfan56.


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