Amitabh Bachchan Blaming The Poor Editing In Raavan

Blame game, full score. Bachchan Senior, saddened at the tepid reception to 'Raavan' chose to make his stance clear. Lousy, inconsistent editing, opines AB is what did the Mani Ratnam flick in at the cine stakes.

In his tweets, Big B expressed that had the movie not been so "sadly edited", Abhishek's erratic behaviour on screen would have been easier to explain.

Big B's take on the micro blogging site goes, "Lots of merited film edited out, causing inconsistent performance and narrative, but what presentation."

An industry insider says, "Amitabh Bachchan's love for his son has made him hit out at Mani Ratnam. Why can't he just accept that Abhihsek failed to live up to the director's expectations, rather than blaming it on poor editing?"

Incidentally, the Tamil version 'Raavanan' with Vikram enacting Abhishek's role, and edited by Sreekar Prasad (who also edited the Hindi version) has come up trumps in the South!

A close source to Sreekar Prasad, however chose to defend him stating, "Sreekar has won 11 national awards in his career. So to cite poor editing as the failure of 'Raavan' is the lamest excuse that one can throw up."

Bachchan Senior, however, is canny enough to realise that antagonising Ratnam would be in expressly bad taste considering he'd earlier lavished Abhishek with 'Guru' and 'Yuva'.

By way of damage control, Bachchan tweeted, "Mani Ratnam is one of the finest directors and we should respect his vision."


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