Celina Jaitely Reveals Some Tips For This Monsoon Season

Everyone has heard of Celina Jaitely, the hot bombshell of Bollywood. She is the one of the B-town style icons because of her vivacious hair and captivating eyes.

Till date, she has not given any blockbuster hit, but she is a popular actress. This appealing celeb is admired among girls, who follow her mainly to know the secrets of her beautiful, flowing tresses. Celina reveals some tips for this monsoon season.

Hair: Oil your hair once during this season, as it tends to get oily. But don’t let it get wet because of pollution in the rain water, which contains many harmful pollutants. So, one should always tie their hair.

Wear Boots: During the rains, it’s always good to say Bye Bye to glittery chappals and heels, and opt for boots or rubber slippers. Leather is a big no-no in the rains. And one should always wear a rainy pair, which has a back strap. Gumboots are the best buy this season, as they help in avoiding contact with dirty water.

Towel: Carry two–three towels in your hand bag to keep yourself dry, but don’t forget to wash it.

Shorts: How to make moms happy? Wear shorts and knee-length dresses so that you don’t soil your pants, especially jeans and Indian wear. Plus, it gives you a different look. I suggest nice shorts with full-sleeved T-shirts. I love them!

Bags: It is advisable to carry big plastic bags during the rains to wrap your umbrella or raincoat. After all, you would not want to be stranded in the rains without one. Keep your nice velvet bags for other occasions. Stick to plastic during the rains.


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