Kareena Kapoor Clothes Becomes Winner Prize

Good morning my lazy couch potatoes! What's hot 'n' happening in your little worlds? Mine is shining rather bright because my dearest sakhi is back from her umpteenth pilgrimage trip this year. Actually I'm happy that she's made these trips on all our behalves.

You savour gossip and I dish it out to you, so guess we need someone pious on our side! Anyway, bahut hua! Before I buzz off to catch another 40 winks, let me fill you in with all that's garma garam in Bollywood today.

It's one of those days today when Madhu my Mottu Maid, who's back from her Ratnagiri trip, is keeping quiet, moving like a ramp model and is trying to be really sexy. Enquiries reveal that she wants one of those exclusive designer dresses that Kareena Kapoor wore in Kambakkht Ishq to go to a 'big' party tonight.

She tells that some TV channel called X, Y or Zee is running a contest alongside screening the rom-com in question, the winner of which needs to answer a silly question about Bebo and take home her designer clothes from the film for free.

Okay, Mottu I will tell them that you believe that India is a free country and so you love freebies. Or should I just ring up my busy Bebojaan? She'll send you a bag of clothes, all for free. What say?


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