Shah Rukh Khan Will Now Be Entering Shakira’s Territory

The fact that Shah Rukh Khan feels he is capable of doing absolutely anything in order to rediscover himself is what makes him different than his contemporaries.

The actor has no boundaries and never feels he is confined to doing a particular thing in order to please his fans. After being able to get six packs in Om Shanti Om at the age of 45, SRK will now be entering pop star Shakira’s territory!

We don’t mean the superstar is taking to singing professionally. We are talking Belly dancing!

The actor who is holidaying in Europe currently, revealed how his trainers have suggested him to learn Belly dancing in order to maintain the abs.

“Off to gym then a swim & for the abs have been suggested a belly dance with some Turkish dancers. Stars have such a tough exercise regimen” wrote Shah Rukh on Twitter.

Shah Rukh showed a glimpse of his belly dancing during the IPL awards recently as he gyrated along with Yuvraj Singh and Adam Gilchrist on stage as he moved his waist. Shah Rukh is a fan of Shakira, so it won’t be long before we would see SRK doing a waka waka in Bollywood.


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