Katrina Kaif’s Sex Video Launched In Web

Call it the price of being a celebrity. Katrina Kaif’s name is again dragged to the centre of a controversy. A sex video launched in her name is becoming a rage on the web.

The clip named ‘Katrina Kaif sex scandal’ shows a fair skinned girl, who has got Katrina-like hair style but not face, in a romp with a group of guys. According to a source, Kat’s name generates a lot of interest as she is the most popular actress on the net.

When informed about this alleged video tape, which features her lookalike, being in circulation, Kat reacted vehemently. She is quoted by a tabloid as saying, “The video is disgusting and the girl clearly doesn’t even look like me… I think it’s ridiculous to even talk about it.”

Though the gal in the video doesn’t bear a clear resemblance to the actress, as per reports, the porn sites and some forums are offering downloads of the video.

Last year, a similar controversy dogged Katrina’s sis Isabel when her porn tape started doing rounds on the net.

Who says, ‘What’s in a name?’


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