Ms Universe Stefania Fernandez Loves Indian Temples

The reigning Ms Universe, Stefania Fernandez, from Venezuela, can't speak English, but has mastered the art of greeting people with a namaste. She loves Indian temples, monuments, spicy food, Hindi, and of course, the traditional sari. "But I'm scared of wearing it; I can barely walk!" she says coyly.

Talking to HT City on her first-ever visit to Delhi, the 19-year-old spoke about how it feels to carry the crown. "Since it happened, I wake up with this pressure of doing something different that could help people live a better life."

Designer Sanjana Jon, who facilitated Stefania's visit, is impressed with the work the latter has done for HIV awareness.

Stefania, who last visited Mumbai in June, says, "I met many Bollywood actors but I don't remember their names. But, Sushmita (Sen) is the best of the lot and has a great personality." For those wondering if Stefania is single, here's a heartbreaker: "I have a boyfriend and I am very happy with him."


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