Kareena Kapoor To Play Cameron Diaz Role

Everything about the project is under wraps right now. But if there is one recent film announcement that has got Bollywood truly excited it is the news of Kareena Kapoor teaming up with today’s poster boy Imran Khan.Bollywood is happy that there will be one more star pair for them to market. Yes, these very good-looking actors have been signed by Karan Johar for his Short Term Shaadi, a film that is reportedly on the lines of the Cameron Diaz-Ashton Kutcher romcom What Happened in Vegas. 

A source says that the film is likely to go on the floors in the month of November 2010. And Karan and his core team have been in closed-door meetings about the look of the characters, the locations, costumes, etc. While Imran said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss anything about the film right now.” Kareena too has been vowed to secrecy by the creative team. However, it is being said that Karan has reportedly asked Bebo to lose weight again. BT managed to get some inside details. A source said, “It is ironical. Kareena had just started eating to look slightly rounded because her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan is tired of her looking like a clothes hanger.”

The actress herself had confessed, “Saif likes my butt,” and got a lot of rebuttal from the press for “talking like that”. So she had immediately backed off. But the bottom line is Bebo had actually altered her diet. She was eating well and just when she was sinking her teeth into more wholesome food, news comes that Karan wants her to lose weight again and get back to being size zero.

The actress has also been asked to apparently go in for a shorter haircut by the end of October because she has to match the light-eyed Imran perfectly. Will Kareena oblige? While she is not at liberty to talk to the press about Short Term Shaadi, one thing is sure — Bebo will comply with whatever Karan wants her to do. She has that killer instinct, and if she has to drop a size or two for a role, she will gladly do so. Saif, we guess, will have to be patient once again!


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