Madhuri Dixit Demanding Rs 5 Crore For TV Projects

Madhuri Dixit has moved back to industry after a sabbatical. She was in the US playing the perfect homemaker and raising two lovely kids. Now that she is back in the industry filmmakers are looking to cast her in the films and TV projects.

Apparently Madhuri Dixit has quoted her price as Rs 5 crore to do a film! Something similar to what the popular actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra charge for their films.

Interestingly, Madhuri has been out of the industry for a few years now and is on the wrong side of 40. Considering these factors, she sounds a bit over demanding for that kind of fee.

Madhuri has huge fan following and many filmmakers would want to work with her but her last hit film was ‘Devdas’ under the Bhansali banner which was eight years ago and let`s not forget, it also starred Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan.

Although she is a big name in Bollywood, no filmmaker would be willing to pay her that kind of money. One should not forget that her comeback film ‘Aaja Nachle’ (2007) was a box office dud.

Buzz has it that she is meeting filmmakers at the moment and reading scripts. Grapevine also has it that four filmmakers have approached her. Speaking to a daily, Rikku, her manager confirms, "Yes, Madhuri has asked for five crores. We feel she is definitely worth the price she is quoting. She is a superstar with an enviable fan following even today. So, why shouldn`t she ask for what she deserves? We are sure the filmmakers will gain from the fact that Madhuri Dixit is making a film with them."

Meanwhile, industry is rather bemused at Mrs. Nene’s over ambitious demands. Asks a trade analyst, "Who will give Madhuri five crores now? Though she does have the fan base, she isn`t a top actress anymore. She has been out of the industry and the kind of roles she can do are limited. The roles that she has been approached to play are either sister or mother characters, which she is not too keen to play. She should learn from Amitabh Bachchan. A superstar, who still has roles specially written for him, isn`t demanding that his pay cheque match that of Aamir, Salman, Akshay or SRK. Madhuri needs a reality check. In case someone has a particular script in which only she fits, perhaps she will get the high price."

Well, we’d love to see the ek-do-teen star sizzle on the silver screen once again however we hope her fee makes a landing on our planet earth soon!


Madhuri Dixit


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