Aamir Khan suggested Anna Hazare’s team

Aamir KhanIn what looks like India’s second freedom struggle, Anna Hazare stands adamant on his stance against the ongoing anti-corruption movement.

As the 74-year-old crusader’s indefinite fast enters the 10th day, what came as a surprising revelation from a member of Anna’s team is that it was actor Aamir Khan, who had suggested them to strike residences of the Members of the Parliament.

Though the perfectionist star hasn’t made a public appearance at the Ramlila Maidan as yet, he has been in constant touch with team Anna and has also been giving them suggestions with regards to the movement.

Talking to a daily, a Team Anna member said, “It was Aamir`s suggestion that we should get individual MPs to take a stand. We have only made a call.

It is the people who are taking this forward by voluntarily raising the issue with their MPs across the country.”

Khan has been the first from the film industry to express his solidarity with Anna and his movement.

He had expressed his support to Anna in writing and had also sent a letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, requesting him to consider Anna’s appeal.

Aamir is also of the opinion that the Prime Minister should come under the Lokpal Bill.

You seem to be following what you preached in your Box Office hit `Rang De Basanti`. Well done Aamir!


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